Friday, December 14, 2012

Top Stylists View Hair Extensions As An Important and Versatile Accessory

by Melissa White
Licensed Hair Stylist
Certified Hair Extension Artist

Just as some women see the importance of great jewelry, a terrific handbag, or stylish shoes, many are coming to realize that their hair is one of their very best and most flexible of accessories! In times where styles change quicker than you can rush to the store to buy the latest, being gifted with hair that can easily be transformed is one of the best fashion investments you can make.

Hair Extensions can be
your very best accessory!
It's certainly not uncommon for fashion-conscious women to drop hundreds on a designer bag that brings instant recognition and envy from her friends, and almost all women drop more money than they're willing to tally up on shoes, jewelry and other trendy items that are in style one day and sadly out of style before the shoe treads show wear! However, talented hair stylists know the value of a great head of hair. Even though hair styles may change, having full, luxurious looking hair can set you apart whether you're wearing sweats, jeans or a designer outfit.

I often describe the benefit of investing in quality hair extensions in terms most of my clients can easily relate to. Think of your eyes. For those of us who have eye sight which is less than perfect, we usually invest in eye glasses which we'll wear around the house, but opt for more expensive and higher maintenance contact lens when we're at work or out socially. And, we certainly know the drawbacks of having to use them. Each and every day it involves having to rinse off and insert the lenses, sometimes adjusting and/or rinsing them during the day because of dry eye or irritation from a particle, eyelash or other irritant, and then having to take them out at night - only to have to repeat the process each and every day. What we're in search of is a better alternative to the daily grind, and this is why many people are opting for lasik eye surgery. The results are much more permanent, and you don't have the daily upkeep. Just roll out of bed and you're vision is already there!

The same can be said when you have quality hair extensions. Everyone wants healthy, shiny, gorgeous hair, and you no longer have to settle for the hair you were born with. The choices are basically to stick with the hair you have (whether it is too thin, too short, too unmanageable, etc), use wigs, hair pieces or clip-on extensions - all of which require the same type of daily grind in order to achieve passable results for a fuller/longer head of hair. The more permanent and quality solution is hair extensions which allow you to wake up with your full head of hair already in place. This is why celebrities turn to hair extensions themselves. They understand that hair extensions are extremely versatile. You have the choice of many styles and can easily wear your hair as is when you wake up or style it in countless ways.

There are many benefits of hair extensions. What can hair extensions do for you? Extensions can be an easy way to have fun and add glamour. Hair extensions are also an easy, risk-free way to play around with changing your color. You can choose to spend a lot or a little depending on the look you want and the fullness and length of your natural hair and allow you to get the kind of hair you’ve always dreamed of.

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Melissa White is an experienced, licensed hair extension artist and stylist whose passion is to bring out the natural beauty in everyone by enhancing their own individual features with the use of exquisite hair extensions. Melissa has over 10 years of extensive training with the industries top hair extension companies in the newest techniques. Originally from Boston, Melissa has been in San Antonio for the past 8 years. She believes that everyone should be able to access and afford the hair of their dreams . . . thus the creation of Extensions of Yourself, San Antonio's first salon which specializes exclusively in quality hair extensions.