Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Selena Gomez Rebounds With Hair Extensions

by Melissa White

Selena Gomez has made the news after changing up her look and adding gorgeous hair extensions. Posting her new look on Instagram, Selena created the new look for Valentine's Day. 

Photo Credit:
Fameflynet/Courtesy of Instagram
Some wonder whether the new look, and the fact that it was done for Valentine's Day, is in response to her up and down relationship with Justin Bieber.

Whatever the reason, they're getting notice.

Selena's posted photos reveal that she is enjoying the use of hair accessories like the jeweled crown she wore when leaving the salon, and changing it up later with a flowered crown and beachy waves. This is a trend that seems to be growing, and you can expect to see a lot more of it this Spring and Summer.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Hair Styling Tips from Extensions of Yourself - San Antonio's Hair Extension Salon

by Melissa White

I can't think of a better holiday to wish all of my clients the very best for Valentine's Day! I hope your day is special, and that your hair extensions have helped allow you to feel beautiful.

Even though holidays like this can be joyful, they can also be filled with stress. Every woman wants to look their absolute best on a day that was designed to draw attention to her. It's a day you really don't want to be caught having a bad hair day.

So, I've pulled together some tips that might inspire you. If you're looking for a special occasion hairstyle for a different way to wear your hair for a dinner out, or just a nice quiet evening at home with your Valentine, visit some past posts:

Have fun with your hair extensions and don't be afraid to get creative! This is your day.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Total Transformation: Miley Cyrus Sports Hair Extensions for Magazine Cover


Miley Cyrus is in the news again. This time it's for her provocative photo on "W" magazine's March 2014 cover.

Photo credit: W Magazine
Amazingly enough, it's not Miley's nudity which is getting the attention, it's actually her blond hair extensions! Totally transforming her looks, Miley is almost unrecognizable.

Certainly one of the benefits of quality human hair extensions is the fact that quality hair extensions can totally change your look - sometimes with amazing results. Much like the investment in a pair of high quality shoes or designer handbag, hair extensions can define a totally new look for you. It's a true testament of the power of hair extensions as a beauty and fashion accessory. And, contrary to what many believe, under the hands of an experienced hair extension artist, it is possible to obtain great results even on women with short hair like Miley Cyrus.

San Antonio hair extension stylist Melissa White explains, "Working with short hair is a challenge, but it is one I enjoy. Many of the women I work with suffer from thinning or damaged hair. For some, it means that their hair has broken and is much shorter than desired. Placement of the extensions is critical for short hair applications and experience makes all the difference in whether you see the obvious line of hair extensions or whether they blend in with your own hair and create a beautiful, natural look."

Complicating things for women wanting hair extensions is the fact that not all hair extensions are the same. There are varying degrees of hair quality, type of bonds used, and even the type of hair can be quite different. Some manufacturers have selections that include finer hair which is less heavy and appropriate for some with thinning or damaged hair, while others have coarser hair. It is extremely important to get the best match for the type of hair you have. Many salons use hair from only one company, such as only Great Lengths, only Hairdreams, or only So.Cap. A few select the hair based on what is best for their client.

  • Ask to see before-after photos demonstrating work on hair similar to yours.
  • Ask how long your stylist has been working with hair extensions or how many they've done.
  • Find out how many hair extension manufacturers they work with, or is their salon bound by contract to only one?
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions and point out things you're concerned about. Your hair extension stylist should be able to provide detailed answers without vague reassurances.
  • If you have short hair, ask how many people they've worked with and see the results.
  • If you have thinning hair, find out if they use different hair, or if they have experience working with thinning or balding hair.

I've been wowed with some of the results I've seen. If you suffer from thinning or damaged hair, consider seeking out the services of a professional stylist who is experienced with clients who have the same hair difficulties as you do. Your stylist should be able to provide before-after photos demonstrating their skills, be willing to discuss the best options for hair selection and placement, and to provide you with the proper home care instructions suited to your special hair care needs at a minimum.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's Winter but my Hair Looks "Fried" - What's Wrong?


Even though it is winter outside, how is it we end up with uncontrollable, dried out hair? We typically think of heat damage only when it's hot outside and our skin feels the heat. Heat is almost essential to our hair styling routines these days. But just how do we protect our hair from the heat and prevent a "hair-frying" experience?

First, look at the devices we use on our hair: blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, steam rollers and more. I've even heard of women using clothing irons to straighten stubbornly curly hair! When you consider that these styling tools are often used on a daily basis, and they're often not used correctly, there's little wonder why many women end up with damaged hair.

To put it simply, heat sucks the moisture right out of your hair and leaves it more vulnerable to heat damage.Signs of heat damage to your hair are:
  • frizzed or frizzled hair
  • dry hair
  • brittle hair that breaks easily
  • dull hair

Now consider that all of these styling tools generate heat. Sometimes incredibly high heat. Curling irons and flat irons are often set at 400 degrees or more. You wouldn't ever imagine sticking your head into an oven set at 400 degrees, and even at temperatures just above 100 degrees your skin starts to feel dehydrated, shriveled and burned. So why do we do this to our hair?

Fifty years ago, the majority of women went to the "hair parlor" to have their hair washed, dried, color treated, permed and styled by professionals. Few did these things themselves. Even though modern products that are designed to protect had not yet been in use, because so many of the hair care procedures were done by professionals, women didn't seem to get the type of damage so common today. It was also prior to the age of modern hair care equipment that uses heat. In those days most of the heat was generated from the hooded dyers or heat generated from the harsh chemicals they used on the hair.

What many people don't realize is that you don't need to be using these styling tools every day to get damaged hair. It only takes one occurrence to permanently damage your hair. The only real remedy is to grow it back out.

But, just as technology has created a new wave of tools that can cause damage, it has created a variety of different products designed specifically to protect your hair. One of the great new products to emerge are heat protectants.

What are heat protectants?

Think of heat protectant products as a sunscreen for your hair. But, instead of protecting your hair from the sun, the primary purpose is to protect your hair from the devastating effects of heat. Applied as a light coating over the entire hair shaft, heat protectants work by sealing off the cuticle and forming a barrier against the heat. Because hair is a protein that needs nourishment, it's susceptible to heat and it is important to use the right protecting products.

Melissa White, owner of San Antonio hair extension salon Extensions of Yourself, explains, "It's scary how few people know about the products that can help reduce damage to their hair. For women who have invested in 100% human hair extensions, you'd think the desire to maintain and protect them would be at the top of their list of things to do. But, sometimes its hard for clients to see the benefit of investing a little bit extra in quality products that will help their hair extensions last longer and look their best."

There are a number of heat protectants available through quality salons. And, they're designed for different hair types and different amounts of hold, etc. Some combine heat protectants with styling products for hold or texture, or even for color treated hair. Some are blended to work best with curling irons, while others are specifically designed for blow dryers because styling tools differ in their optimum temperatures. If you use both, opt for a product that offers the maximum protection and select one that is designed for irons.

I recommend seeking the advise of your own personal hair stylist. He/she knows your hair type, how you style your hair, as well as the level of damage you have. They are best suited to select a product that will help protect your hair from the ravaging effects of man-made heat!

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