Saturday, April 13, 2013

Angelina Breaks The Rules - Is It Fair To Criticize Women For Wearing Grey Hair?

by Melissa L.White
Licensed Hair Stylist
Certified Hair Extension Artist
Yes, even the mighty are dealt crushing blows - especially in Hollywood where everyone is put under the microscope. Today's headlines are a swift blow to Angelina Jolie for actually daring to step out showing (or perhaps not noticing) a few gray hairs!

Grey, Silver or White Hair Extensions
Can Make A Statement!
 This isn't really too surprising. Today's society has so many effective methods of battling aging, and it's even invading a man's world. Still, there are many women who don't mind showing off their grey hair, and in fact, there are some who have beautiful, striking shades of grey, silver or white which are very complimenting to them.

I've seen clients in my specialty salon who actually embrace their "aging hair", and in considering hair extensions, have agonized over the decision on whether to go with the flow and color their own hair or have hair extensions colored to match their aging hair color.
 This situation can be very challenging to a hair stylist. Coloring extensions is sometimes a difficult option for a hair extension stylist. Let's face it, it's difficult to find quality human hair extensions with the right variety of grey, silver or white colors! And for a colorist, they know that aging hair often has many shades of greys and silvers in it and is difficult to color match. It may involve a lot of highlights and lowlights that are in the white-silver-grey color spectrum and a real eye for blending. Still, an experienced stylist with some talent with color and experience with hair extensions can take on the challenge and come up with some beautiful results.
And, it's not only the aging who are making statements with grey, white or silver hair. Some young adventurists love playing with hair color and opt to try hair extensions what are uniquely colored. The great news is that there are options for everyone.

Grey Extensions
Are Available
For Those Who
Love The Look

Grey hair doesn't have to be a badge of dishonor and old age.
Or does it? Let me know what you think.  
  • We should do everything possible to avoid "looking old"
  • We should let ourselves age gracefully and "just go with it"?
AOL - Angelina Jolie Criticized For Grey Hair (VIDEO)

Melissa White is an experienced, licensed hair extension artist and stylist whose passion is to bring out the natural beauty in everyone by enhancing their own individual features with the use of exquisite hair extensions. Melissa has over 10 years of extensive training with the industries top hair extension companies in the newest techniques. Melissa is also a certified Brazilian Blowout stylist. Originally from Boston, Melissa has been in San Antonio for the past 8 years. She believes that everyone should be able to access and afford the hair of their dreams . . . thus the creation of Extensions of Yourself, San Antonio's first salon which specializes exclusively in quality hair extensions.