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A personal message from Melissa White, Owner and Hair Extension Specialist

The majority of people I see are unhappy with their natural hair. There are many reasons you may be considering hair extensions. What do I hear most commonly?  Thinning hair, hair damage caused by over processing or styling, recovery following medical treatments, a need for a mood-lift, an upcoming event, a boost following a bad haircut or color, or just a desired change in style. Hair extensions can give you the long, luscious hair you have dreamed of. The hair extensions I use are custom ordered to suit your hair texture, as well as the length and color you want, and are of the highest quality available.  Having worn hair extensions for most of my life, I truly believe that, properly done, hair extensions are "extensions of yourself."

"Hair extensions"... simply.. . . .
. . . "Extensions of Yourself"!

If you're tired of fussing every day with clip-ons which can seriously damage your hair, hair pieces, wigs, and other "temporary" fixes, you may want to consider a more permanent solution. It is more possible than ever to have the long, thick, HEALTHY hair you have always wanted! In your consultation visit with me, we'll take a look at what quality hair extensions may be able to do for your unique needs and wishes. When you have professionally applied hair extensions your natural hair stays healthy and continues to grow, protected, while you have the hair style you've always wanted. Hair extensions are not just for adding length to hair, they also add thickness to fine/thin hair. Extensions can create highlights without causing damage to your natural hair and only a few strands are needed to achieve highlights, lowlights, chunks, or a streak of color.

You want hair that will look incredible and feel soft, silky and natural. Extensions of Yourself offers different options for hair extension to keep them affordable. ALL of the hair used is 100% human hair and only the best quality remy hair is used to create the individual strands used in our hair extensions.

Extensions of Yourself hair extensions are made exclusively of 100% virgin hair, collected from around the world. "Virgin" hair simply means hair that has not been chemically treated or damaged by UVA rays, making them the highest quality. The hair is then gently lightened through a few different methods such as reverse osmosis and enhanced to beautiful shades from the blondest blond to the darkest brown.  If you care for your extensions, you will get your moneys worth and you'll see why so many have turned to quality hair extensions as their beauty secret.

Everything I do at Extensions of Yourself is designed to accentuate your own beauty through hair extensions whether you're adding fullness, adding length, blending your own hair with highlights or lowlights, having corrective color, treatments for damaged hair, or wanting something custom.

"Come see me for your private, personal consultation visit. You have nothing to lose, only to gain enhancement of your own natural beauty. I look forward to discussing your personal wishes." - Melissa