Thursday, April 20, 2017

Olaplex is Changing Color in San Antonio

by Melissa L. White

Extensions of Yourself was one of the first salons in San Antonio to carry a new product that is truly revolutionizing the way we use color on hair. Being touted as "the holy grail for haircolor," Olaplex prevents hair breakage when added to any hair color process. No stripping, no breakage, no "fried" hair - even at 40 volume processing!

Extensions of Yourself uses Olaplex
"the holy grail  for hair color"
After using the product for several years, and seeing the incredible results it gives, I'm sold on Olaplex's effectiveness. I had researched the new product and was impressed with what I read, even though filled with a lot of scientific language of chemistry. The product was invented by a world famous chemist who created a molecule that would actually link hair's broken bonds back together. Client's hair would never be destroyed even with the harshest of chemical processes we use in hair styling, texturizing (think perms) and hair coloring!

As good as this sounds, it gets even better. It allows a stylist to go lighter than ever, color more often, and even double-process the same day. It's reported that every major celebrity salon in Hollywood and Beverly Hills (including Guy Tang) testing the formula, which holds multiple world-wide patents.

Extensions of Yourself uses Olaplex in our coloring services for women who wear hair extensions. It's a tremendous boost to start the process with hair that is in the best shape possible so that hair extensions wear better, last longer, and don't damage hair. It is making a huge difference in choices of color, and for the women who really need multiple processes before getting a set of hair extensions put in.

I'm excited about bringing this revolutionary product to San Antonio! Unbelievable things are happening with both hair color and hair texture. I wouldn't even be surprised if we saw a comeback of the perm!

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