Friday, September 18, 2015

Extensions of Yourself Receives Award As Top Specialty Salon

by Andrea Algar

Extensions of Yourself has once again been awarded 2015 Best Business of San Antonio for Hair Extension Salons.

Melissa White, owner of the Stone Oak salon which specializes exclusively in quality hair extensions, has received the award yearly since 2011.

The award is given to companies that demonstrate best practices and who provide value to consumers.

Extensions of Yourself provides quality hair extensions from Great Lengths, Hair Dreams and Gold Fever Hair Extensions which are customized to each person's individual needs.

Melissa White has been providing hair extension services in Stone Oak since 2008. Her services include specialization in women with thinning hair due to heredity, childbirth, hormones, medical conditions or the medications they use, and achieves results that helps restore self confidence to her clients. In fact, San Antonio women of all ages can enjoy the many benefits of quality hair extensions.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Modern Family Star Shocks Many By Revealing She Wore Hair Extensions!

by Melissa L. White

Sara Hyland, who plays Haley on Modern Family, surprised many by revealing that she has actually been wearing hair extensions! Followers of the star did not suspect until she had her hair extensions removed and posted Instagram pics sporting a trendy lob.

The fact that so many did not even realize that she wore hair extensions just reinforces the fact that, if applied well, hair extensions can be undetectable to others.

We've all seen examples of hair extensions that have been poorly installed, or where the quality of hair is bad. Different types of installation methods have been tried over the years in an effort to simplify the process, but the fact is that professional hair extensions by leaders in the field such as Great Lengths and HairDreams just can't be beat for quality, longevity, and super looks.

However, the star is reported to admit that she does not plan to wear short hair for long, captioning in the photo below, "Last week I got my extensions out!! It's lob time!...For a week."

Once you've had quality hair extensions installed, it's difficult to imagine not having them. Apparently, Sarah Hyland feels the same, and she certainly is not alone.