Monday, February 10, 2014

Total Transformation: Miley Cyrus Sports Hair Extensions for Magazine Cover


Miley Cyrus is in the news again. This time it's for her provocative photo on "W" magazine's March 2014 cover.

Photo credit: W Magazine
Amazingly enough, it's not Miley's nudity which is getting the attention, it's actually her blond hair extensions! Totally transforming her looks, Miley is almost unrecognizable.

Certainly one of the benefits of quality human hair extensions is the fact that quality hair extensions can totally change your look - sometimes with amazing results. Much like the investment in a pair of high quality shoes or designer handbag, hair extensions can define a totally new look for you. It's a true testament of the power of hair extensions as a beauty and fashion accessory. And, contrary to what many believe, under the hands of an experienced hair extension artist, it is possible to obtain great results even on women with short hair like Miley Cyrus.

San Antonio hair extension stylist Melissa White explains, "Working with short hair is a challenge, but it is one I enjoy. Many of the women I work with suffer from thinning or damaged hair. For some, it means that their hair has broken and is much shorter than desired. Placement of the extensions is critical for short hair applications and experience makes all the difference in whether you see the obvious line of hair extensions or whether they blend in with your own hair and create a beautiful, natural look."

Complicating things for women wanting hair extensions is the fact that not all hair extensions are the same. There are varying degrees of hair quality, type of bonds used, and even the type of hair can be quite different. Some manufacturers have selections that include finer hair which is less heavy and appropriate for some with thinning or damaged hair, while others have coarser hair. It is extremely important to get the best match for the type of hair you have. Many salons use hair from only one company, such as only Great Lengths, only Hairdreams, or only So.Cap. A few select the hair based on what is best for their client.

  • Ask to see before-after photos demonstrating work on hair similar to yours.
  • Ask how long your stylist has been working with hair extensions or how many they've done.
  • Find out how many hair extension manufacturers they work with, or is their salon bound by contract to only one?
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions and point out things you're concerned about. Your hair extension stylist should be able to provide detailed answers without vague reassurances.
  • If you have short hair, ask how many people they've worked with and see the results.
  • If you have thinning hair, find out if they use different hair, or if they have experience working with thinning or balding hair.

I've been wowed with some of the results I've seen. If you suffer from thinning or damaged hair, consider seeking out the services of a professional stylist who is experienced with clients who have the same hair difficulties as you do. Your stylist should be able to provide before-after photos demonstrating their skills, be willing to discuss the best options for hair selection and placement, and to provide you with the proper home care instructions suited to your special hair care needs at a minimum.

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