Friday, December 28, 2012

New Trend of Hair Chalking is Growing in Popularity

by Melissa White
Licensed Hair Stylist
Certified Hair Extension Artist

You may not have heard of the growing hair trend called "hair chalking" because it hasn't really made it's way into the mainstream...yet! But, the trend has been rapidly spreading, and because it is affordable, temporary and fun, more and more women of all ages are taking part. But there are things you should keep in mind as you explore this new hair phenomenon.

Hair Chalking Can Create Great Temporary Splashes of Color

What is hair chalking?  The name pretty much says it all.  Just mash up eye shadows or pastel sticks and rub the powder in their hair as temporary dye. People have been using all types of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent dyes on their hair for thousands of years. The trend of using chalk-based powders isn't new, but it certainly is becoming a HOT fashion item. Preteen video bloggers first introduced hair chalking, and Lauren Conrad brought it into the mainstream in 2011. Chalking then began showing up on models in runway shows making chalking acceptable even for adults.

Temporary hair chalk is an easy and low-risk way to experiment with color. After it is applied the dye lasts about 10 hours. It does shake out slowly throughout the day, and you have to deal with the the fact that it is messy and will get on your hands and clothes, and just about everything you come into contact with!

Experts recommend going to a salon for your first application to learn how chalking works best (the application process depends on your hair color), but after that it's easy to do at home. There are quite a few hair chalks available. Color Bug "colored hair shadow" is a specialty chalk designed just for hair, or you can use eye shadows that have a strong pigment. Some shades won't show up well on darker hair and it can get expensive to experiment for those that work well if you do it yourself.

Extensions of Yourself cautions on the use of hair chalk however, because chalks are very drying, and can damage hair. Many users have reported that, while chalk creates fun looks, it has left them with hair so dried out that it has turned them off completely. Pinterest rounded up more than a few dissatisfied users:

  • Lovely Liar on Deviant Art tried it and her report: “it DOES work… but i tried to do like.. the whole front half of my head.. and now it wont do anything.. lol i cant even brush it. its like trying to brush a broom… oh well…”
  • Duyenosaurus on Tumblr said: "Well hair chalking was a complete FAIL for me.My hair was so dry today from it! It felt sticky and it resembles hay. I just use clarifying shampoo and it got most of the stickiness out. But this whole mess was my fault since I kept touching my hair when my hand had chalk all over it.In other words, if your hair was as dry like mine before the chalking, you should reconsider the idea. Also, don’t wet your hair if it’s light like I did or it WILL stain-"
  • Senecacranesexybeard said: “Tip: use a SMALL piece of hair. If you us anything remotely big it will tangle your hair, and you will lose some hair.”
  • Bright-shining-stars said, “Hair chalking is kind of a mess, it coloured half of my bathroom when I washed my hair.”

Like everything else we do to ourselves, moderation can be the key to preventing damage. Trying out hair chalk can be exciting and fun for a night out with friends, but it isn't something you would probably want to do on a regular basis because it will eventually cause severe damage to your hair. Lighter color hair can also be stained by the chalks, and will not easily wash out. I generally do not recommend that women with hair extensions color their hair with chalk. The drying effect of the chalk can severely shorten the length you will be able to wear your hair extensions.

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