Monday, July 21, 2014

LOB: "Lazy-old-bob", or this summer's HOT hair trend?

by Melissa L. White

We've talked about trends before. They seeming appear out of nowhere and can influence an entire fashion season, or years. But, just where do fashion trends come from, and who is making the decision on what's hot and what's not?

the "LOB"
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This summer's selection appears to be the LOB (long bob), as evidenced from headlines around the Internet and in many women's magazines. To add confusion, there seems to be many variations on the cut. So many so, that you wouldn't necessarily think it was even the same cut! Straight, waves, shoulder length, just below shoulder length, blunt cut, feathered ends....the variations are endless.

It is a style that has been called "low maintenance" and "a hairstyle that commends laziness" in the same breath. Is that a good thing? It's certainly a style I don't see very often here in San Antonio. Is it a regional thing, or something that hasn't quite caught on? Click on the StyleList link below and take a look at the gallery.

I'd love to hear your opinion on this season's trend - the LOB.  Big hit or a flop?

RESOURCE: - This summer's hottest hair cut

Melissa White is founder of Extensions of Yourself, San Antonio's first salon to specialize exclusively in custom hair extensions.

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