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Great Looking Summer Hair - 10 Tips to Keep Your Hair Extensions Fabulous!

by Melissa L. White

I've written about the difficulties hot weather can create for women who wear hair extensions. Summer heat can cause styling nightmares including frizz and fried out heads of hair. With proper care, however, you can keep your hair extensions healthy and shiny in the heat! Here's how.

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1) Do not shampoo too often!
Once a week is ideal for women with hair extensions, but summer hair can take twice a week without too much stress. A good shampoo that is sulfate-free is recommended. Shampoo once or twice a week with a quality shampoo recommended for your hair type. Be wary of store bought brands that can contain ingredients that can loosen bonds and cause hair extensions to fall out prematurely.

2) Follow shampoo with a good conditioner.
Use a hair conditioner designed to be used on human hair extensions. Don't overdo things with products that are too oily or "heavy". Put the products on the ends of your hair and don't work it onto your scalp or near the extension bonds. If your hair is prone to tangle, use a light detangling product like Paul Mitchell's Instacure that doesn't damage your bonds.

3) Swim safe!
No one wants to stay out of the water when you have the chance to cool off in it. You can minimize damage by always wetting your hair down fully with clean water first, especially if swimming in a pool or other chlorinated or chemically treated water. Wet hair will not absorb as much chemical, thereby saving your hair some damage. Always rinse hair with cool clean water following a swim.

4) Swim with hair loose and down.
Do not tie it up if you intend to get it wet. Wet hair that is tied up will get extremely heavy, causing stress to your bonds, and the hair that holds them.

5) Rinse your head with cool water.
Sweat is damaging to your hair extension bonds and it is better to rinse daily without shampoo than to let sweat soaked hair sit and wait for the next shampoo. Use of a dry shampoo can help absorb sweat during the day and keep hair looking fresh.

6) Use proper styling products.
Again, use only products that have ingredients which are safe for hair extensions. Avoid silicone products that add "slick" or slippery. Your extension stylist can recommend products he/she knows will be okay to use for a variety of styling needs such as for creating waves, the wet look, straightening, curling, body, or for holding power.

7) Use proper brushes.
A quality brush designed to be used on human hair extensions is an investment you definitely want to make. Other brushes can yank on bonds, causing damage to your hair as well as the extension hair. You'll want one brush for dry hair, and another brush to use on detangling and wet hair. Always brush from the ends, slowing working your way up. Again, see your hair extension stylist for the correct types of hair brushes to use on your hair extensions.

8) Dry your hair properly.
Do NOT air dry your extensions! One of the trade-offs of hair extensions is that you must properly dry your hair...even if you wear beach waves. Quality keratin bonds swell when your hair is wet and must be dried with a blow dryer to shrink and reseal them so that your bonds do not slip off. You can still achieve beachy waves by drying the area with the bonds and then air-drying the ends. See your extension stylist for a quick lesson on the safe way to blow dry for summer.

9) Protect your hair from sun.
Wearing a variety of styles is not only fun, it can help to save your hair! Braids, buns, curls, beach waves, are just one way to create different looks that will help prevent your hair from bleaching out from the sun. Try something different with a light summery scarf or fun hat for even more protection from the sun. And, the use of hair styling products that contain sunscreen designed for use on the hair is a definite plus. (Again, check the product to make sure it is safe to use with hair extensions.)

9) Consider more frequent tidy-ups visits.
Having your hair extension stylist remove hairs that have shed will help keep hair from balling up and creating dreads. Tidy-ups can help keep your hair smooth and healthy, and will allow your stylist to stay one step ahead of possible problems during hot summer months.

Summer can be a great time to wear hair extensions. The added length and volume can mean dozens of extra styles to wear, and the ability to go from casual to glam in a flash. Have fun this summer with your hair extensions with a little care!

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Melissa White is owner and founder of Extensions of Yourself, San Antonio's first salon to specialize exclusively in quality custom hair extensions. With over 14 years experience, she has trained with the country's top hair extension companies in the latest techniques.

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