Monday, July 28, 2014

Hair Extensions: How Young is "TOO Young"?

by Melissa L. White

I've asked this question before when addressing a teen or pre-teen who is pestering mom for hair extensions. Today's story about a mom who is splurging on her two and four year old daughters with spray-on tanning, hair extensions and pedicures, which makes me ask my readers, "What age is simply too young?"

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Being one of San Antonio's first salons to specialize exclusively in custom hair extensions, I've seen a wide range of ages, ethnicities, professions, and even hair colors. The reasons that these women are seeking hair extensions are equally varied. While some want them for vanity reasons, fashion statements, change of style, or simply to add volume or length, others suffer from thinning or balding hair, or have medical conditions which has resulted in hair loss or extreme thinning of their hair. These reasons are more easily understood than a mother who provides them to a two, three or four year old!

The focus of a television show called Blinging up Baby, a young mom named Sophie-May Dickson claims her two daughters want the hair extensions, tans and pedicures. And, she sees nothing wrong with giving them to them. Princess Bliss first wore a hairpiece when she was two, and received her first spray-tan at three! "Princess" wears nail polish and has a designer wardrobe "worth thousands".

Mom even admits she has caught "Princess" twerking to Miley Cyrus, causing many critics to wonder if she has gone just a bit too far in her quite indulgent approach to parenting. Her other daughter, "Precious" Belle, had her first pedicure at nine months, and appears to be following in her older sister's footsteps even though mom proclaims her more a tomboy.

Curious to see what you think:

___ way too young
___ perfectly okay
___ no, this is just a UK thing!


The Daily Mirror - Blinging up baby mum gives her babies...

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