Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Soft, Rich, Dimensional Color Predicted to Influence Spring 2013 Hair Styles

by Melissa L. White
Licensed Hair Stylist
Certified Hair Extension Artist

We all know how rapidly trends can change with hairstyles, and how some just don't seem to get off the ground while others skyrocket with excitement and enthusiasm in the glamour community. Just as we seem to get ahold of the latest advice, we're getting new looks from other sources.

Richer shades are predicted
for Spring 2013 
Focus is on more dimension
for all hair colors and shades.
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Just today for instance, a leading beauty site came out with a story stating that the new spring trend in hair color will be "softer, richer, more dimensional designs" in every shade.

They described the following examples of color blending that will add dimension and beauty to a wide range of basic hair colors:

"golden copper reds with strawberry, salmon and rose gold highlights"

"soft golden shades positioned next to cooler blonde sections"

"golden brown with milk chocolate highlights"

Reports of soft pastels are being reported as "enticing" to clients. Some of them sound down-right delicious. I especially like the milk chocolate highlights!

It will certainly be interesting to keep a close watch on the types of color that will emerge as we enter our Spring fashion season. The ombre' highlights are still hot, and we're seeing more and more variations created every few weeks as stylists from around the country continue to experiment with the look. San Antonio hair extensions have been influenced by the look, as well as renewed interest in highlights as we approach the warmer weather and change to Spring fashions.

As the predicted "collage of tones" look develops, I'm sure that there will be some predictable and other very unpredicted looks developing, and we'll keep you posted as they do.

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