Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cool Barber Buzz Reveals Great Artistic Talent

by Melissa L. White
Licensed Hair Stylist
Certified Hair Extension Artist

While I don't usually comment on men's hair, I saw a picture of an interesting buzz cut yesterday and just had to comment on it. The barber who created this artistic cut deserves some attention and praise.

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Having spent time learning how to cut men's hair, and in particular, giving buzz cuts, I know how tedious and exacting it can actually be. Most people couldn't draw something like this, much less take a pair of clippers and create a near-photograph rendition on someone's head!

The story comes out of Texas, where almost everyone celebrates "hometown" hero Johnny Manziel, who was the first college freshman to win both the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award and the Heisman Trophy. In January 2013, Manziel led Texas A&M to victory in the Cotton Bowl, making him extremely popular in his hometown of Kerrville. 

So when Christian Chavez, a student at Hill Country High School in Kerrville, when in for a haircut at his local barber, he daringly accepted the barber's offer to cut a portrait of Manziel into his hair. Chavez went to school with his unique hairdo and was promptly sent home by the school principal. And, the school allegedly didn't want him to come back until all images were removed.

A story of another dress code (or in this case "hair code") violation, or perhaps that the school's principal just wasn't a big A&M fan? Whatever the case, koodos to the great barber whose talent with the clippers really shines!

What do you think about the artwork?

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