Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bull Sperm Used To Super Condition Hair

by Melissa L. White
Licensed Hair Stylist
Certified Hair Extension Artist

Just when you think you've heard it all, news resurfaced recently of a hair treatment that will leave your hair shiny and smooth but it may make you think twice about using it!

Longhorn Bull
Photo Credit: VanishingTattoo.com
Yes, farm has come to Hollywood with promise of treatments that your hair will love. I'm familiar with fish pedicures and chocolate body wraps, and I've even heard of solid gold facials. But, several strange beauty treatments seem to all originate on the farm. 

For instance, hay body soaks are said to stimulate your metabolism and boost your immune system by laying on a 100 degree waterbed while you're cocooned in a wet hay wrap. Or placenta face creams that promise to revitalize and moisturize your face with a potent lotion derived from lamb placental extract that is rich in nutrients. Or the technique dubbed "birds poo facials" that Japanese Geisha girls have used which has enzymes that brighten their complexion.

Even bull's sperm had gained momentum in Hollywood and became one of the strange in beauty trends! Calling it "Viagra" for your hair, the conditioning treatment combines bull sperm with a protein-rich Katera root extract. It is said to be 30 times stronger than Vitamin E, and is thought to be a pure form of protein.

But, trends come and go, and while Hari’s, one of London's top salons, has made good use of the bull semen, it didn't quite take off in the same way here in the U.S., even with the interest of celebrity stars. But, it does make you pause and wonder "What's next?"

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