Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Harry Potter Star Dons "Man-xtensions" As Hair Extensions For Men Hits Hollywood

by Melissa L. White
Certified Hair Extension Artist

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Yes, male stars are wearing extensions! Danielle Radcliffe proudly showed off his mane of thick locks recently in a screening for his new film "Kill Your Darlings". The 24 year old star of Harry Potter fame has certainly changed up his looks when getting into his new character for a film based on the old Frankenstein stories.

This is no surprise to the Londoners who attended the event. As I've previously written, the U.K. trend of male hair extensions is rising so fast that hair extension manufacturers are scrambling to get hold of a promising new source of business.

And, as I wrote last week, the trend does seem to be making its way into America, as evident in New York City, and in Hollywood. This will be something we'll be seeing more of no doubt. The new trend of male hair extensions can actually look as natural on men as they do on women, although the styles are not as long on men.

What do you think of Radcliffe's new hair extensions?

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