Monday, January 13, 2014

British Men Are Wearing Hair Extensions In Record Numbers - Will The Trend Come Across The Pond?

by Melissa L.White
Licensed Hair Stylist
Certified Hair Extension Artist

Will this new trend make it "across the pond"? Time will tell, but in the meantime, it's a trend that certainly appears to be growing in the U.K. In fact, Great Lengths, which is a British hair extension company, has introduced a new line of hair extensions just for men!

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Yes, hair extension companies are getting ready to take advantage of male interest in hair extensions. Great Lengths publicity releases claim that they expect that men will soon account for 10% of their total sales. While this doesn't sound like huge numbers, it is a large jump that can only continue to grow. The photos that are on their site show a bit of length and probably more important, more volume.

A recent article on poked fun at the attempts by men to produce coiffs reminiscent of beehives worn by women in the 1960's, and blames it all on Harry Styles and his recent appearance on Good Morning America.

Dubbing their male hair extensions "Men-hancements", Great Lengths certainly appears to take the new trend seriously, even though the article didn't. They've released publicity surrounding the U.K. craze, and have even devoted a page on their website to male hair extensions.

And, there is some evidence that this new trend has indeed made its way to America. A recent article in mainstream media outlet the New York Daily News weighed in on the phenomenon which has hit New York by storm.

As I discussed in a November 2013 article, hair extensions for men is in fact growing, not only in Great Britain, but here in the United States. Like most trends, it is getting it's roots (pun intended)  among celebrities in Hollywood. More and more men are turning to hair extensions to quickly adapt to roles in movies, plays, or appearances. And, it's likely to continue just as it did for female celebrities.

I've no doubt that the trend will continue to grow across the country as more and more men come forward and take the leap into human hair extensions. As hairstyles adapt to the trend, it could take off quickly and even be seen here on the streets of San Antonio! What do you think?

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