Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sisters Who Assaulted Woman Cut Off Her Hair For Revenge

by Melissa L. White
Licensed Hair Stylist
Certified Hair Extension Artist

A story broke today out of Dayton, Ohio on a crime that was uncomfortable to think about. I know so well that women work hard to grow their hair if they can, and when they can't, are often willing to spend thousands of dollars getting high quality hair extensions in order to enjoy beautiful, long hair. Apparently some see our love of hair as a great way to enact revenge on others.

It was reported in the Dayton Daily News that several women were involved in an assault which occured on a city bus Thursday. Three women, two of whom were sisters, grabbed a woman by the hair, hit her, then proceeded to pull a knife and cut off some of her hair. The victim and attackers were allegedly known to each other, and had experienced problems in the past. When the 18 and 24 year old sisters were apprehended by police, one admitted that it was retaliation for something in the past. Both sisters face charges of aggravated robbery which is a first degree felony.

Women Grab Hair When Fighting

The cutting of the victim's hair seemed strange and excessive to me, and caused me to reflect on my own experiences witnessing what happens when girls fight each other. Unlike the way men fight, it does seem that women tend to grab and pull hair! I've heard stories of high school girls getting into fights where they actually pull out handfuls of hair. This story is a reminder that there is very good reason to find better ways to settle differences.

Hopefully, fist fighting and having hair chopped off is not something that most of us will ever experience in our lifetime, and I certainly hope that I never hear of incidents like this here. In San Antonio, women seem to value wearing long hair whether it is grown naturally or achieved with hair extensions. It's a painful thing to think about.

Dayton Daily News - Police: Sisters cut off girl's hair during bus assault

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