Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Miley's 14 Year Old Sister Flaunts Hair Extensions

We've asked the question, "How young is too young for hair extensions", and addressed it in an article in July, 2014 entitled, Hair Extensions: How Young is Too Young.

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We hear all the time of celebrities who are wearing hair extensions, or who change their style drastically with the use of human hair extensions, whether extremely long, wildly colored, worn by men, or changed so frequently it makes your head spin. But it isn't as frequent with the youngest of stars.

Making the news this week is Miley Cyrus' 14 year old sister, Noah Cyrus, wearing extreme hair extensions to a red carpet event, the American Music Awards. The story, and it's popularity, once again raises the issue for many, as you can bet that a lot of young girls are now asking their moms for hair extensions with renewed persistence!

With cooler weather, many women look to change their hair style. Longer hair is generally easier to wear when you're not dealing with heat and hot weather activities and many turn to hair extensions for a greater variety of hairstyles to wear for holiday parties and family gatherings. Teens and pre-teens observe this trend as well, and this is often a time of year we get increased inquiries from parents concerned about it.

Check out the story at and let us know how you feel about teens and even pre-teens wearing hair extensions. What do you feel is the age most appropriate for girls?

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