Friday, July 19, 2013

Can Hair Extensions Become An Addiction?

by Melissa L. White
Licensed Hair Stylist
Certified Hair Extension Artist

I read an article today that I loved. Let's face it, I read anything and everything I can about hair extensions because it is my specialty. It's my passion and I want to be up to date on everything about their use. The article that inspired me today was written by a young black woman, Erikka Yancy, a documentary filmmaker who told the story of how she had discovered weaves, a form of hair extensions commonly used by black or African-American women.

Hair Weaves
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 My article isn't about race, or about hair weaves in particular, but rather how good hair extensions can make us feel, and how they can improve the quality of our daily lives. But, reading these articles made me question whether it can it also be a double-edge addiction? Ms. Yancy, writes her story of how she may have crossed the line into "addiction" to her hair extensions.

After reading her story, and other stories where women spoke of hair addictions, I was left with the feeling that what they were speaking of wasn't a true "addiction" in the true sense of the word, but rather that they were addicted to the positive feelings that having hair extensions gave them. This I could understand because I hear it all the time from women who get a tremendous sense of confidence as well as feelings of self-worth and happiness once they try hair extensions.

I would think that a true hair extension "addict" would not feel comfortable without wearing their hair extensions, and would go to any length necessary to get new hair when needed or desired. They would feel self conscious, very uncomfortable, and perhaps even see themselves as "ugly" when they are not wearing them. They would avoid going out of their homes when not wearing their hair, and may even have severe anxiety or even panic attacks. They quite possibly would avoid paying bills, rent or even steal in order to obtain their hair! If this happened to someone, I imagine I'd say that their hair obsession had become a problem, but I haven't met anyone with this outlook towards their hair extensions.

Hair extensions have become a trend that has made it's way into the lives of everyday people. They're no longer just for the rich-and-famous or the Hollywood elite. For those who choose to wear hair extensions, although the reasons for wearing them can be as diverse as the women wearing them, I believe the women get great satisfaction and enjoyment from wearing them. And why not! In the same way that cosmetic surgery is a common trend for both men and women from all different walks of life; the desire for hair extensions is continuing to grow. I'm happy to say that the clients I meet have a healthy attitude about hair extensions and handle them responsibly!

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