Wednesday, October 10, 2012

San Antonio Hair Extension Salon Supports Breast Cancer Awareness In A Very Pink Way

Melissa White, owner of Extensions of Yourself, a San Antonio hair salon that specializes in hair extensions has shown support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in her own unique way.

Melissa White
Extensions of Yourself
Sporting flowing pink hair extensions to show her support, Melissa explains, "Anyone who has had a friend, family member or co-worker who has gone through breast cancer understands how devastating this type of cancer can be." Even though treatments are so much more effective than twenty years ago, the anxiety and stress that it causes a woman to go through can be extremely difficult.

"I often provide hair extensions to women who have successfully undergone chemotherapy and are now trying to get their lives back," Melissa elaborates. "Many share the difficulties they've had. I know that it can seem overwhelming without a strong support system and a return to feeling good about yourself. I saw my grandmother struggle unsuccessfully with cancer, and know first-hand how it affects the entire family, too. It's one of the reasons that I enjoy helping women who have fought the battle of breast cancer. It is very important to me."

Indeed, a woman typically has to worry about her work, her home, her husband and her children, and forcibly take a look at the "what-if-things-don't-work-out-quite-right". It's something we all dread, and the stresses it can cause can significantly worsen an already difficult situation.

Thankfully, there are now venues for all types of support and help. Here are some places to go for more information, or to find help for someone in need:

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