Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Questions From My Hair Extension Clients

by Melissa White

I receive a lot of phone calls from women new to my San Antonio salon, Extensions of Yourself, and I realize that there is still a lot that women do not know about hair extensions. And often, what they've heard from friends or a family member is not fact.  It can cause a lot of confusion.

I've become even more committed to sharing the facts with my readers.  I want to provide the very best information not only as it relates to hair extensions, but so that others can achieve healthy hair. I will be picking a question to answer each month. It may be something someone asked when they first called me, one they asked when they were having services with me at my salon, or one that someone sent to me in an e-mail. Topics may be on hair color, highlights, nutrition, damaged hair, thinning hair, use of clips and accessories, hair products and extensions of course! If you have a question you would like answered, please contact me.

I hope you'll enjoy my upcoming articles, and my new monthly question and answer article.

Melissa White is owner and hair extension artist at Extensions of Yourself, the first San Antonio based hair salon specializing exclusively in quality hair extensions.