Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hair Extensions Are Highly Sought After

by AWhite

Yes, now it's certain that hair extensions have reached a new level of acceptance and desirability. As reported this morning on WOAI TV in San Antonio, a Houston man entered a salon supply store and demanded money from the register. Before leaving, the robber made a strange extensions for his girlfriend!

Hair extensions are an investment, and apparently for this thief, demanding high quality hair extensions for his girlfriend seemed like a very reasonable request. Seeming to shock the store manager, who turned over the hair, the robber took the money and the hair and fled. He is being sought by the Houston police.

Yes, this is certainly a strange turn of events, but it does highlight the popularity of hair extensions, which are now used by many more women than ever before. Hair extensions are no longer an item used only by Hollywood celebrities and the ultra rich jet-setters. Many have realized that hair extensions are a convenient and affordable form of self-improvement, allowing women to instantly transform themselves and feel better about their looks.

Extensions of Yourself is a San Antonio salon which specializes in hair extensions. Unlike the salon in the news today, Extensions of Yourself does not stock hair. "Everyone receives the highest quality human hair which is custom ordered and color-matched precisely for them," says owner Melissa White. "While the majority of the women I see view hair extensions as an accessory or something which helps them look their very best, I have a large number of women who use hair extensions because they suffer from extreme thinning of hair, have hair that has been severely damaged from past haircare treatments, or have medical conditions which cause thinning, bald spots, breakage of the hair, or other conditions which make them feel self-conscious. Some of my clients have had cancer and the treatments have left them wanting to feel good about themselves again. Although applying hair extensions to women with thinning or damaged hair is difficult and requires a higher level of experience and skill, the outcomes truly transform the person. It is extremely satisfying helping women feel better about themselves. I love what I do. Done properly, hair extensions truly are extensions of the women who wear them!"

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